Ready to start Potty Training your toddler?

Contact our Cope/Care Coordinator for a copy of The 3 Day Potty Training.
Below is an excerpt from the book:

If you have an impending birth or need for assistance from the club, please email for information.  We will be happy to help and set up a care calendar for you.



1. A loving approach to potty training that emphasizes love, consistency and patience.
2. When implemented correctly, your child will be able to communicate with you when he or she needs to go.
3. Heads up!  You will be throwing away all of the child’s diapers / pull ups.  This will be discussed later.  It is part of the method.

Best of luck and please communicate with other moms who have been there, for extra support.


Lucie's List features a handy Twin Registry Cheat Sheet with reviews and helpful tips to help you navigate shopping for multiples. 

Local twin family-owned businesses

What you can expect from my 3 Day Potty training Method

Recommended Shopping List for Infant Twins:

  • 140-200 diapers per week

  • 12 cotton snap undershirts

  • 12 one-piece, leg-snap pajamas

                or nightgowns

  • 12 receiving blankets

  • 4 blanket sleepers

  • 2 snowsuits

  • 2-4 machine washable sweaters

  • 2 sets of booties

  • 4 hats

  • 6-10 fitted crib sheets

Don't forget some washcloths and hooded towels!
This list was compiled on Babyzone

Do I need two of everything? 

The principles that make my 3 Day program work are (in no particular order):

1. Love
2. Consistency
3. Dedication
4. Positive reinforcement
5. Focus

A wonderful way to socialize with other moms of multiples and allow the kiddies to play.  Playgroups are grouped by the age of the multiples, siblings are invited to attend.  They meet once a week in members' homes or other locations selected by the group.

Please email 

for more information.

Many of us in the club run a business! Please check out and support these locally owned twin-mom businesses below:

​​b.Branded Creative​​​
Desserts Unlimited

Intracoastal Realty

Morse Architecture, PLLC​​
NC Paddle Play​
​​​​Porter's Neck Chiropractic​​​​​

Twig & Feather Photography